What We Do

What We Do

Shakti was formed in the tribal dominated Rayagada district in 1992 by a group of educated and highly motivated persons wishing to address the underlying causes of poverty, poor health care, literacy and livelihood insecurity. The name ‘Shakti’ was chosen because this means ‘empowerment’ in Hindi. Shakti has taken an integrated and innovative developmental approach to solving the problems of social and economic backwardness. Its work has focused on addressing the problems created through agricultural, educational, health, socio-economic shortfalls by enabling the needy and down trodden utilise available resources

Since its inception, Shakti has touched many frontiers and has evolved itself as a full-fledged development agency both institutionally and programmatically capable of undertaking projects designed

  •  to improve the well being of tribal people
  • to improve and diversify the available secure livelihood options
  •  to improve water provision and sanitation
  •  to empower women and community organisations
  • to strengthen the Panchayatraj Institutions

SHAKTI works with an experienced, committed and professional team and a strong network of committed volunteers to execute its development programmes. Shakti has earned the confidence of the community as well as the Government agencies. Each year SHAKTI builds on its experiences and with continued support is committed to leave no stone unturned in its quest to achieve its vision.

Empowering lives and advancing sustainable development goals, Shakti Organisation(SSCSO) proudly aligns its impactful initiatives with the United Nations' SDGs for a brighter and more inclusive future.