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Welcome to the NGO corner, the online resource hub for NGOs.

Over the last few decades, NGO sector has gained special recognition in the society. However, there is wide gap within NGOs. A large number of grassroots level NGOs does not have the access to information meant for them. Even, they could not meet the requirements of the donors / funding agencies. Therefore, despite strong urge to contribute meaningful service, they fail to get financial support for transforming their thoughts into action. Resultantly, small NGOs have to face many difficulties. Keeping in mind this ground reality as well as need for making full use of available resource in the NGO sector and also the need to expand scope of NGO sector, Shakti came forward to establish this online resource hub for NGOs to facilitate the dissemination of information of NGO interest.

We are also committed for the promotion of sustainable growth initiatives and spreading of information in regards with the varied needs of under presented and insignificant areas. For filling the data gap and improvising the standards of quality, we have established a medium used for the exchange of accurate and rich source of qualitative thematic information.

No one owns knowledge. We are only the medium of knowledge dissemination.


Resources for NGOs


Shakti has compiled lots of information of specific interest to NGO management and it is open to all. We have a collection of a wide range of information on IT, EPF, FCRA, Funding agencies, Govt. Schemes, Various model policies, Govt. policies, etc. We hope it will help you in your endeavour.

Shakti provides this information in good faith; it remains the users’ responsibility to undertake due diligence.

You can also contribute to this section of this site. We would welcome and appreciate your contribution.

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