Local Self Governance

Local Self Governance

Panchyatraj System

When grassroots democracy was ushered in by an amendment to the constitution , it was done from the "top" rather than as a result of any mass movement calling for change. The resultant reservation provision created a great opportunity for the underprivileged and marginalized SC, ST, OBC communities and women to contest seats but they were caught quite unprepared and ill equipped for this.

In order to strengthen the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI) of the local self government system, Shakti has taken up the ongoing challenge to build the capacity of PRI elected representatives. It believes that, unless the PRI representatives are empowered, they will not be in the right position to deliver the services to the rural communities through the Panchyatraj System. To this end Shakti has been implementing, since 1998, pre-election voter awareness campaigns, programmes to sensitize people on pallisabha and gram sabha (link), capacity building of people’s representatives with a special programme for women representatives, building an information bank and disseminating information from it and a Model Panchayati programme. (with LINK for each)

PRI Capacity Building

The PRI Capacity Building Project seeks to strengthen the Panchayati Raj Institutions. It aims at developing a capacity building vision and policy for the PRIs and focuses on bringing about a behavioral change among the elected representatives at the grassroots level for good governance. SHAKTI is working in seven blocks of Rayagada District under this programme. This project currently supported by SIRD.

Specifically the project aims to:

  • acquaint PRI members with various procedures and processes of handling the PR structures and systems as per the Constitutional provisions and various programmes of the government; and
  • provide PRI members with necessary information, knowledge, and skills in an easy and simple manner to plan, implement and manage various rural development programmes.

Target Group

PRI Capacity Building of more than 1,500 PRI functionaries like Zilla Parishad Vice President  and members of Zilla Parisad, Vice Chair Person and members of Panchyat samities, Sarpanches, Naib sarpanches and Word Members of Gram Panchyat.

Training Modules

Shakti provides training to PRI members using four training modules designed by SIRD, Orissa, covering the following topics:

  • Role & Rule Clarity and Responsibilities of PRI
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Social Welfare Schemes
  • Financial Management

Shakti’s training approach uses the lecture format and practical interactive examples, via case studies discussion, role play games, brainstorming and group work discussion. In addition, the trainees are guided through different medias, such as – Songs, Film show on Panchyatraj, leadership quality, Spirit film, Noble Thoughts, Moral stories and cultural programme.

Empowering lives and advancing sustainable development goals, Shakti Organisation(SSCSO) proudly aligns its impactful initiatives with the United Nations' SDGs for a brighter and more inclusive future.