How to Become a Freelancer: Complete Freelancing Guide

It also provides you with a digital storefront for your business where you can send potential clients to check out your work and attract new ones as you grow. Furthermore, a website allows you to receive payments immediately. High-quality testimonials are particularly important if your work is hard to demonstrate through samples. If you’re a virtual assistant, a programmer, or a ghostwriter; testimonials may be a huge factor in helping potential clients decide to hire you. The word was coined in the early 19th century to describe mercenary soldiers for hire—literally a “free lance”—who would sell their skills to the highest bidder.

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Once you land a job, the next step is to make sure that you deliver the project just as the client has asked. This is how you prove to clients that you are skilled at what you do. If you’re a writer, you can create a site on WordPress or Medium to share your articles.

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For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you’ll probably need a subscription to Adobe Creative Suite. Or if you’re a filmmaker or photographer, you’ll need cameras, lighting equipment, as well as editing tools and software. Positive word of mouth and good reviews can often be your best way to generate new work. By cultivating relationships with excellent customer service, you can start to develop an ongoing list of clients that will form a strong foundation for your growing business.

what freelancing

It’s not like writing a regular email or writing a social media post. You need to put serious thought into it and figure out how to persuade your client to give you the job instead of all the other freelancers. You need to find clients, balance multiple projects, handle payments, balance taxes, and much more. By doing part-time work, you can see if you’re up for it.

Traits and Characteristics Needed as a Freelancer

That means you might work with just a couple of customers as you start to figure it all out. Another important aspect of freelancing is customer service. At first, you may need to do a lot of self-marketing and promoting to find clients. You may end up with a hundred “no thank you’s” before you get a “yes.” Yes, you can set your own hours for the most part, but if a client can only see you at dawn on Tuesday, you’ll need to be up with the roosters.

The Social Security tax is applied only to the first $160,200 of income earned in 2023. The Medicare tax rate is 1.45% each for employer and employee for a total of 2.9% for a self-employed worker. The total self-employment tax rate that a freelancer has to pay is therefore 12.4% for Social Security plus 2.9% for Medicare for a total of 15.3%. In order to really drive traffic to your website, you’ll need to optimize your online presence via SEO, or search engine optimization. You can start by doing keyword research to find specific terms people use when looking up services within your area on search engines like Google. From building a business website to promoting your business, here’s our guide on everything you need to know about starting a successful freelancing career that earns you money.

Many freelancers hire accountants or tax professionals to help them. Animators and video creators are the key players in the film and animation industry, and they will never go out of demand. They collaborate with creative professionals such as writers, designers, and voice actors. You need to be willing to have the hard conversations—like what is freelancing negotiating a higher rate or breaking up with a client—and handle them tactfully and professionally. There’s no boss or other colleague to take care of that dirty work for you. You don’t necessarily need to be outgoing in the traditional sense, but you do need to be a little aggressive to land new clients.

what freelancing

You can determine which account best fits you based on the requirements of each one. While the solitude of freelancing can be a definite perk, even hardened introverts may eventually have enough of their own company. Plus, freelancing means you can schedule your work for the hours when you’re most alert and productive. This is a huge advantage of freelancing, especially if you have kids or caring responsibilities.

what freelancing

You’re not tied to a normal 9-5 schedule, but you can work those 9-5 hours if you want. Check out our article How to Start Freelancing for an in-depth look at each of those steps. Freelancing is working for yourself, as opposed to working for someone else. Freelancers are self-employed professionals who work on a project-by-project basis.

  • It is up to you to decide on whether you’d like to do it full time or keep your existing job and make a buck during your free time.
  • Or, you go through really busy periods where it’s hard to find any downtime.
  • Like most types of remote work, freelancing can be lonely too.
  • It can be something related to your educational background, previous work experience, or a skill you’ve learned online — not all freelance jobs require a college degree.
  • Freelancing can be a fast and affordable way to get started working as your own boss, often from the comfort of home.
  • If you have an interest in design elements and can fix an assortment of things around the house, you can surely get a gig on

If you are someone with a lot of interests and are drawn to trying new things, freelancing can help you explore all kinds of projects and industries. Freelancers accept payment in return for providing some sort of service. According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a graphic designer is INR 3 lakh per annum. Hiring temporary workers generally happens with large corporations when they undertake massive projects and then hire temporary workers to supplement their company’s existing team. When you’re ready to get started, check out our list of Best Online Jobs to find remote options for freelance work.

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