We welcome volunteers of all ages, sex and races, anyone who seeks to gain work and life experiences, on a quest to learn something new and contribute something back to society.

Come and be a part of the experience! You can make a difference.

Shakti offers opportunities for International, National and Online Volunteering. Our International and National Volunteering options include the facility for simple living allowance, accommodation and local travelling. If you would like to volunteer at Shakti please fill free to write or email us enclosing your resume and your interest area, we will get back to you.


Shakti would like to hear from interested professionals having expertise on Livelihood, Agriculture, IT, Communications, Fundraising or Project Management, who can help us on our journey of development. It offers individuals around the world a way to engage in development initiatives as a volunteer.We at Shakti will ensure that your efforts make a positive difference to those in need.


Shakti welcomes Indians who are interested to share their expertise in our programmes, as local/national volunteers. Being a volunteer, you can help us in preparing communication materials, project management, IT solutions, livelihood guidance, microfinance management, project planning, project evaluation, and more

You can also help by acting as a Shakti ambassador, taking us along to the places you visit and tell the people you meet about Shakti.

We welcome everyone to join in our endeavour. While working as a volunteer in local projects, you also get to know people very closely.

Online Volunteering

Shakti offers individuals around the world a way to engage in development initiatives via the Internet. Many people in all regions of the world have the skills, knowledge, experiences, and ideas to make a difference to a project, to strengthen the capacities of development organization like Shakti. Shakti offers online volunteering opportunities matching your personal profile and interest.

In case you wish to be an online volunteer with us, you could do a variety of things for us in the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a computer, internet access and the basic minimum software in your computer to enable you to do your assignment.

Your assignment could range from creating and/or maintaining weblogs/journals for our organization, performing online research, providing technical assistance to staff and volunteers, and helping with online communications.You could help with writing grant and sponsorship proposals, refining strategic and operational plans, developing budgets and mentoring volunteers and staffs in a range of activities.

As you can see the opportunity is endless if you have the time, energy and enthusiasm to do the same to do your bit.

To be an online volunteer, professional and attitudinal suitability for the assignment that you wish to undertake is essential. You also need accessible computer and internet connection and the necessary software.

Your checklist: Are you ready to be an online volunteer?

  • Do you have regular access to Internet?
  • Are you comfortable working on your own?
  • Are you self motivated to finish the deadlines?
  • Is this the best time to apply for the assignment? Do you have enough time on hand?
  • Are you sure you are capable of producing a high-quality result on your online volunteering assignment?
  • Are you comfortable working with people who might be from totally different backgrounds and different sets of values than your own?
  • Are you able to communicate in the most frank and candid way?

Now if you positively answer all the above, then let's talk! Send us your resume and your thoughts on how you can help. We are sure there is a suitable assignment for you here with us at Shakti in India. Click here to get in touch with us.

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